Storing Your Dress or Going Abroad

Taking your dress abroad

So you’ve chosen a beautiful destination outside of the UK and need to travel with your dress.

We can help advise as to the most suitable fabrics to be looking for in your dress, but really at the end of the day it’s your wedding day and you should wear whatever makes your heart melt!

We advise that if you are travelling by air that you never let your dress travel in the hold with the luggage, always take it as carry on – it’s very precious cargo!

We provide a full packing service, from advising which travel box size you’ll require to beautifully packing your gown in tissue to minimise creasing as much as possible.

The travel boxes from The Empty Box Company come in so many different choices of patterns and colours and can be used to store and protect your dress long term.

Cleaning & Storage

After your wedding you may want to get your dress professionally dry cleaned. We can help with recommendations. Sometimes a little dusty dirt from the day is a lovely little reminder of the fun you had, but should you have a spillage or your dress is very dirty, we recommend that you get it cleaned as soon as possible to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you are planning to keep your dress long term, we recommend that you pop in and purchase a special box that will help to preserve and protect your dress over time.

We can advise as to which size your gown will require and offer the full professional packing service for you, carefully wrapping your gown in acid free tissue paper.

There are so many choices of patterns on these beautiful boxes by The Empty Box Company you’ll be spoiled for choice! All with co-ordinating ribbons and trimmed with lace inside.